Wednesday, February 29, 2012

before we were dating

I found some messages in my inbox that Fred and I wrote long before we were even dating. This trying-to-play-it-cool message from Fred made me laugh:

"Hey, I feel a little awkward writing this so soon after getting yours, because you probably think I'm a loser or something (I know up to this point you've just thought of me as pretty much the awesomest, most popular guy you know) but I was online when you sent it, so whatever. By the way I am also watching golf right now. I just figure if you're gonna think I'm lame you might as well have several reasons."

And my just-as-cool response:

"I didn't think the instantaneous response or the golf watching was lame. You wanna hear lame...I've taken TWO naps today already."

We're both pretty smooth. I know.

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